About Find Muslim Husband

FindMuslimHusband.com is an Islamic marriage portal dedicated to

our mothers, sisters, daughters and those who are on their way to being guided by Allah Almighty (SWT) to Islam.

Find Muslim Husband is not a dating website, dating is forbidden (haram) in Islam and Allah (SWT) has warned us in The Quran:

Do not go near adultery. It is truly a shameful deed and an evil way.

Registering on Find Muslim Husband is easy and open worldwide:

  1. Registration is free, and no credit card is needed.
  2. Create a username and login password.
  3. Confirm your email.
  4. Upload a photo of yourself (a woman’s photo must be with a hijab or niqab).
  5. To view other members’ profiles, you need to complete your profile by answering all the fields.

May Allah helps you to find a Muslim husband or Muslim wife and live happily according to the way of our prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Ameen.

Launched Feb. 2023 in New Zealand.